10 fun indoor and outdoor activities


Greet guests and your church family with these wild and fun Easter Sunday school games. They are a great companion for Holy Week Bible lessons and activities, from Palm Sunday to the resurrection of Jesus.

With high and low energy Easter Sunday school games, you’ll find something for everyone. Have fun playing all these Easter Sunday school games with the kids in your children’s ministry and community!

10 Easter Sunday School Games Kids Will Love

1. Outdoor game: leading the way

Palm Sunday: Matthew 21:1-11

Use this game to show how people prepared the way for Jesus to enter Jerusalem.

You will need:

  • a Bible and
  • green and gray paper.

Say: Palm Sunday takes its name from what people did when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem at the time of his death. They lined up along the sides of the road. Read Matthew 21:8-9 aloud.

Ask the children to form teams of three. Then have them lined up along one end of your parking lot or church lawn. Give each team one sheet of green paper and one of gray paper. Say: Let’s play a game. Two of you (the crowd) will make a path for the other team member (the donkey rider) using the “palm leaves” (green paper) and the ” coats” (grey paper). The Donkey Rider can only walk on Palm Leaves and Cloaks, so the mob will have to move them to keep the Donkey Rider moving.

Show the teams how to move the paper from the back of the rider to the front to move him forward. Once your rider reaches the finish line, switch roles. Continue until everyone is a donkey rider.

Establish a start and finish line. Then begins the race.

Then ask:

  • How do you welcome Jesus into your everyday life?

2. Indoor game: hot bread

The last supper: Matthew 26:17-30

Use this game to help children know that Jesus forgives us.

You will need:

  • a bible,
  • a wrapped loaf of bread, and
  • music.

Read Matthew 26:17-22 aloud.

Say: Let’s play a game to think about this. Use the wrapped bread to play Hot Potato. (When the music is playing, pass the bread. When it stops, the one holding it is out.) Play until only one person remains.

Say: No one wanted to get stuck with the bread because that person had to leave the game. Likewise, Jesus’ friends didn’t want to be the one he was talking about—the one leaving Jesus.


  • Think about when you betrayed Jesus with something you did. Invite children to share if they wish.

Say: The good news is that when we are friends with Jesus, we never have to leave him. Jesus gave his body on the cross, and God forgives us when we do something wrong.

Read Matthew 26:26. Say: We remember that Jesus died for us and accept his forgiveness when we take communion. Invite the children to talk to Jesus silently as they eat the bread. (Pro tip: Adapt Easter Sunday School games to suit your needs and church practices.)


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