20 Best Outdoor Games That Will Bring Fun To Your Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations


If you’re planning the party of all parties to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend, you’ll need to include some outdoor games that are sure to bring lots of fun and laughs.

Enjoy the Jubilee celebrations with fun outdoor games

It’s only a matter of days before we can celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with street parties, garden parties and gatherings of family and friends taking place across the UK .

Now the guests have all responded, the food is sorted (who brings the basket?), and the street party decorations are ready to go.

But there is one thing that will make your planned celebrations an absolute blast: outdoor games! Old and new, they will provide your guests with hours of fun and laughter and there are plenty you can get your hands on that have been designed to include just about everyone.

Egg N’ Spoon Race Gear

The original sports day game – also perfect for your Jubilee street party and get-togethers

The whole family can participate, from the youngest to the oldest.

Set includes: 6 plastic eggs, 6 spoons

tug of war

This game is not for the faint of heart – it will test your strength and endurance, while entertaining those who cheer you on. Play for family fun or why not take on your neighbors for a bigger challenge?

Contents: 1 rope 10 m, 1 nylon bag, 1 marking line, 2 plastic pegs.

giant jenga

Who doesn’t love a game of Jenga? There will be even more fun and intense moments with this giant version that is sure to immerse children and adults in all the fun.

Jaques of London Sports Day Kit

There’s plenty of fun to be had with this all-in-one sports day kit that the whole family, friends and neighbors can get involved in.

Set includes: 4 eggs, 4 spoons, 4 bean bags, 4 bags, 1 start line, 1 finish line, 2 leg straps, 4 stakes.

Wooden Garden Quoits Set

A game of aim and shoot to get the most points, and of course be crowned champion. It’s perfect for your Jubilee fin and games and endless fun for the whole family.

Included: Wwooden board with pegs and 5 washers.


A great energetic game for everyone, the kids will love it because they are likely to win! Adults can limber up and challenge each other for a bigger challenge that’s sure to be fun to watch.

From £



Wooden rounders Se

You can’t go wrong with a game of rounders that everyone can participate in.

The set includes a rounders bat, a rounders ball and cones to mark the bases.

Big Game Hunters Longworth Croquet Set

This beautiful six player adult croquet set is perfect for a game of Bridgerton style adult croquet. It is perfect for garden parties, street parties, gatherings in the park…

The set includes: 6x durable plastic balls, 6 full size long hardwood mallets, 6 x steel hoops (wickets), waterproof canvas carry bag with shoulder strap.

Giant Garden Dominoes Game

This set of garden dominoes is ideal for your jubilee party, barbecues and camping trips.

Each domino is made from lightweight, durable foam and the set can be stored in the handy carrying case.


Enjoy a game of cricket with your loved ones – it’s the perfect way to start the fun and games if you’re heading to the park this Jubilee weekend.

Set includes full size wooden bat with stickers and handle, 4 wooden stumps, wooden bail, 2 soft felt covered balls for safe use in any outdoor situation.

From £


Sports Direct

The ultimate sports day pack

This ultimate sports backpack is perfect for competitive families who want to have fun and play.

The 32-piece pack includes games for up to eight people, it contains: 4 potato sack race bags (for adults and children), 4 egg and spoon race games, 4 3-leg race strips, 4 color relay batons, 12 game prizes.

Twister Splash Water Game

Why not cool off with a fun game of Twister Splash? Kids will love it, adults probably not as much but hey, it’s for fun.

The set includes: 1x Mat and 1x Spinner.

From £



4-IN-1 outdoor games

This 4-in-1 outdoor playset includes tennis, badminton racket and skipping rope. It’s perfect to take with you on fun days, whether it’s in a park or on the beach.

The set includes: 1 large net, 1 soccer ball, 1 tennis ball, 1 skipping rope, 2 tennis and badminton rackets.

Win Duel Battle Gladiator Game

These inflatable batons are sure to bring out the gladiator in you and your guests. All you have to do to win is knock your opponent off their podium. What’s not to like?


This beautifully crafted bowling set is made with high quality polished hardwood and makes for a delightful street party game that all guests can join in on.

Set includes: 10 pins and 3 balls.

Bean Bag Toss Game Set

The wooden collapsible bag toss game is a fun game for the whole family that can be played indoors, outdoors, in the middle of a street, making it the perfect activity for Christmas parties. street.

It includes: 3 blue and 3 red poufs, 1 target.

From £


Sports Direct

Giant Pickup Sticks

This Giant Mikado garden game from Bex is the perfect game that the whole family will enjoy. These “pickup sticks” will test your skill at removing sticks from a pile, one stick at a time without displacing the others. How steady are your hands?

If you still want to get your hands on some street party decorations, there’s still plenty of time. Here are the 10 best Queen’s Jubilee decoration bundles you can buy online for your street party! And if you want to mark the occasion with a keepsake, here are 20 best gifts and keepsakes to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Any extra treats are always welcome, so why not get your hands on these Queen’s Jubilee Baskets to celebrate in style this summer.


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