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Nav Sangha, owner of Miss Thing’s, and Brenton Mowforth, a home bartender who collaborated on the drink, spoke with Narcity about the famous cocktail that “stole Christmas” and what you can expect this year.

How was the drink created?

Sangha says it all started in 2019 when he decided to host a Hawaii-themed Aloha Christmas pop-up at Miss Thing with festive cocktails.

“I worked on a lot of cocktail ideas with my daughter, she is 8 years old,” he says. “She actually worked pretty concretely on the little snowflake, the one we came up with together, at least in terms of how the cocktail looked versus the presentation.”

“It was a challenge because how do you do something so cute while not making it look totally out of date?”

Placing the little snowman in the glass also came with its fair share of challenges, according to Mowforth.

“[It] was originally in a kind of mix between a highball glass and a wine glass […] And it just didn’t work, so they ultimately decided to use a Collins glass, which worked perfectly and fitted the marshmallow perfectly. “

What response did you get?

“I took a picture of it and when I posted it it went completely nuts,” Mowforth says. “People were putting him down, you know, five, six times a day. Massive, massive counts were putting him down.”

“There were bars in the United States and England, Australia [reaching out], like everywhere, “Sangha says.” It was shared like crazy again last year and it’s pretty funny to see people from bars all over the world trying to recreate it. “

“I think everyone saw it,” Mowforth laughs. “People who aren’t even in the cocktail industry or the cocktail community were saying they had seen it too – this thing was viral, like the rest of the world.”

The cocktail has even been dubbed “The Drink That Stole Christmas” by Drink Tank.

“It seems like every time I publish it the response is very similar, it is blowing across the world and people all over the world are recreating it in their homes,” says Mowforth.

What’s new this year?

Little Snowflake has watered its way to town for another year, and you can find it at Miss Thing until December 31st. The drink has been changed this season and includes flavors like rhubarb and elderflower.

“We have a follow-up cocktail that we’ve added this year called Misha’s Milk Punch, which is also equally cute for Little Snowflake. So it’s definitely one to look out for,” Sangha said.

As to how exactly the snowman sits at the bottom of the glass, Sangha says it’s all a matter of “mystery.”

“I’m not going to share it!” he’s laughing.

little snowflake

Price: $ 17

When: Until December 31, 2021

Address: 1279 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

Why you need to go: Sip a Christmas cocktail that will spread joy around the world.


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This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.



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