A Guide to Wichita’s Largest Outdoor Restaurant Patios



May and June – with often temperate weather and a low fly population – are still among the best months in Wichita for outdoor dining.

But this year, people are looking for outdoor dining options for reasons other than enjoying the good weather while they eat. Over the past few weeks, readers have told me they want to go out to eat again, but due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, they prefer to dine out.

Over the past few years, Wichita’s outdoor dining scene has steadily improved. And this year, according to several restaurateurs, people have asked for outdoor seating even as the weather warms.

Here’s a list of some of the restaurants in Wichita that have the most spacious outdoor dining areas, in case that’s something you’re looking for.

Read on for lists of other less huge but still favorite outdoor dining spaces.

Patios with the best potential for social distancing

The Eurobistro de YaYa, 8115 E. 21st St.: Not only is it well maintained, but the patio at Eurobistro YaYa in Wichita is one of the largest in the city. On the weekends there is also live music outside.

The Eurobistro de YaYa has one of the largest and best-maintained patios in Wichita. Denise Neil The Wichita Eagle

Newport Grill, 1900 N. Rock Road: Also at Bradley Fair, this upscale steak and seafood restaurant has one of the largest and most attractive patios in Wichita. It is on two levels, faces a small lake and has lots of shade.

Public at the brickyard, 129 N. Rock Island: One of Wichita’s largest outdoor entertainment venues is attached to a popular restaurant, and starting this summer, Public is opening its entire outdoor courtyard for food service. The patio is open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Piatto owner Robert McMullin with Joni Meeth, a dedicated customer who helped him prepare his outdoor patio for the 2020 season. Courtesy photo

Neapolitan Pizzeria Piatto, 1706 E. Douglas: This Wichita pizzeria has yet to reopen its indoor dining room, but people can eat on its large back patio. It features hanging lamps, a Wichita mural, and spaced tables and chairs.

that of Felipe, 445 S. 119th St. West: The far west version of this family-run Mexican food chain has a large patio facing the pond at the back of its restaurant at 119th and Maple.

Dana Bain, left, and Shelly Mercer, right, enjoy the patio at Felipe’s West on June 4, 2020. Jaime Green The Wichita Eagle

Chicken and pickle, 1240 N. Greenwich: This giant Wichita entertainment complex has multiple patios and plenty of square footage of outdoor dining space. There is a large main courtyard covered with bright green grass, plenty of picnic tables and seating sets scattered around the main level and also a patio on the second floor that overlooks everything.

Nortons Brewing Company, 125 N. St. Francis: The beer garden at this brewery has plenty of room to spread out. It features picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, a circular structure equipped with six porch swings, a grassy mound, and a dog-friendly approach. The brasserie now serves its full menu to patio guards.

The monarch, 579 W. Douglas: This Delano restaurant and bar has a large wraparound patio that’s always full in the summer. This year the tables are spaced out, so there is less seating but plenty of room for social distancing.

Paleteria La Reyna, 2925 N. Arkansas: This Mexican ice cream maker also offers a large menu of Mexican specialties – and a large patio out front.

Sugar Shane’s coffee, 430 State Street, Augusta: This restaurant, which serves American fare like wings, burgers, sandwiches, and flatbreads, has a large outdoor food court to the side of its man-made turf building, bordered of potted palms and dotted with picnic tables.

Coffee with brambles, 3501 E. 101st St. North: This seasonal cafe just opened last weekend, and although its weekday hours are limited, it has a large, beautiful patio in a farmhouse setting. The cafe, which is slated to be open until early August, serves breakfast from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday, and breakfast and lunch from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

The patio at Benton’s Stearman Field Bar & Grill is a popular place to dine and watch the planes fly. Courtesy photo

Stearman Field Bar & Grill, 14789 SW 30th St., Benton: this restaurant, owned by the folks behind Oak & Pie, Deano’s and Greystone in Wichita, has a large patio that faces an airport runway, and the restaurant has large doors garage doors that open to extend the outdoor dining experience.

Picasso’s pizzeria, 621 W. Douglas: This year, Kurt Schmidt added another spacious new outdoor patio behind his Delano pizzeria, bringing the total to two and leaving a lot more room for those who prefer to dine outside.

Favorite terraces

These patios aren’t as spacious, but are among Wichita’s favorites and offer options for al fresco dining.

The Belmont, 3555 E. Douglas: It might not be easy to sit on the patio – or anywhere – in Wichita’s trendy new College Hill restaurant. Its long, lean patio facing the Douglas has been packed with guests since it opened a few weeks ago. In good weather, the restaurant can open the doors from all sides, expanding the outdoor dining area.

Prost, 2721 E. Central: This second floor patio allows people to eat German food and sip German beer while overlooking the courtyard of Revolutsia, Central & Volutsia’s shipping container mall.

Journey East Asia Grill, 4510 E. 19th St.: This new build-it-yourself bowl restaurant on Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus features a hidden patio that faces a man-made pond.

Journey East Asia Grill is a new Wichita restaurant with a lovely patio facing the pond. Courtesy photo

Larks foot, 904 E. Douglas: This downtown fine-dining restaurant has one of Wichita’s most beloved outdoor spaces and offers great views of the bustling Old Town.

Vora, 3252 E. Douglas: This restaurant, which is opposite the Hillcrest Apartments on East Douglas, has a small front patio with beautiful furnishings, and so far this season has been almost full. every evening.

Wine diving, 4714 E. Douglas: The patio at this College Hill restaurant isn’t huge, but it’s always full, and this year it’s been particularly popular.

Ziggy’s, 3700 E. Douglas: This pizzeria’s Clifton Square restaurant has a charming and cozy outdoor patio that resembles a large back porch. Its east side restaurant at 12115 E. 21st St. also has an attractive decently sized outdoor dining area.

Chester’s Chophouse, 1550 N. Webb Road: One of Wichita’s most luxurious outdoor dining spaces is attached to one of its most luxurious restaurants and offers beautiful views of a man-made lake.

The French bistro Georges, 4618 E. Central: What this patio lacks in space, it makes up for with its charm, and it looks bigger when George’s is able to open the huge all-season doors of the restaurant.

Other outdoor dining areas are worth mentioning: Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, Pumphouse, PF Chang’s, 6S Steakhouse, River City Brewing Co., Twelve, College Hill Deli, Meddy’s Downtown and East, Oak & Pie, Greystone, Crafted, Sabor, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop East, Il Vicino College Hill and Bradley Fair, Homegrown west, Bella Luna Cafe east and west, Fizz Burgers & Bottles, Fredo’s, Headshots, Two Olives

This story was originally published June 12, 2020 11:28 am.

Denise Neil has been covering dining and entertainment since 1997. Her Dining with Denise Facebook page is the go-to place for diners looking for local restaurant information. She is a regular judge at local culinary competitions and speaks to groups across Wichita about catering.



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