All-Terrain Wheelchairs for Esperance Beaches, National Parks and Wilderness Trails


All-terrain wheelchairs will soon be available in Esperance for public use on beaches, national parks and wilderness trails.

As part of a $100,000 commitment from the state government, 12 organizations across the state will receive funding to purchase all-terrain wheelchairs, including $10,000 for Hope County.

Heavy-duty wheelchairs are specially designed for outdoor environments, including sand, gravel and water, to help people with limited mobility access areas that traditional wheelchairs cannot.

Farm Region MLC Shelley Payne said the money will buy a beach wheelchair and beach mat for Town Beach, Esperance Foreshore, the Esplanade and James Street Precinct.

“We want to make sure everyone can enjoy our beautiful coastline and this funding will ensure that people of all abilities can access the beaches along our world-class foreshore,” she said.

“With the completion of the brand new beach enclosure at Town Beach, we have seen a huge increase in visitation to the area.

“Supporting the purchase of a Sand Rider wheelchair and beach mat is another way to add capacity and vibrancy to the area and surrounding area.”

Disability Services Minister Don Punch said access to the outdoor environment and activities was a key part of an inclusive community.

“Improving the availability of all-terrain wheelchairs in places such as national parks and beautiful WA beaches will help people with disabilities connect to their community and increase participation in recreational activities in the natural environment. “, did he declare.

“The diversity of grant recipients shows that all-terrain wheelchairs can be a great asset to a community, with grants awarded to regional centers and Perth Metropolis to enable people with disabilities to access bush trails, tourist attractions and junior surf lifesaving programs. ”


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