Area parks have been selected for upgrades with a $4.2 million portion of Ky.


KENTUCKY (WFIE) – Governor Beshear has announced 41 projects that will improve Kentucky’s parks.

He says the Commonwealth recognizes the mental and physical health benefits of time spent outdoors.

More than $4.2 million from the federally funded Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) will be used for the projects.

They include a variety of outdoor health-related improvements, including renovating or replacing playground equipment, building walking and cycling paths, and bringing recreational facilities into compliance with city accessibility guidelines. the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

“Ensuring our parks and recreation areas are open and accessible to all Kentuckians is important to every community in Kentucky and a priority for my administration,” Governor Beshear said. “Providing safe spaces for all of our families to exercise and gather is an essential part of building a better Kentucky.”

Projects include the following in our region:

beaver dam The City of Beaver Dam will use $88,084 to repave parking areas and walkways in Beaver Dam City Park. The project also includes the laying of a new sidewalk for a second parking lot and the delineation of approximately 393 parking spaces with two ADA accessible parking spaces.

Dawson Springs The City of Dawson Springs will use $100,000 to remove old playground equipment from the Dawson Springs City Park and replace it with new ADA-accessible playground equipment. They will also update the T-ball field.

Henderson The City of Henderson will use $200,000 to build and improve baseball diamonds and walkways at the Airline Road Sports Complex.

Hancock County The Hancock County Tax Court will use $200,000 to build a wading pool and improve areas in Vastwood Park. The project will also include a variety of accessible water games and a UV disinfection system.

Henderson County The Henderson County Tax Court will use $200,000 to build two ADA-accessible restroom facilities at Sandy Lee Watkins Park.

McLean County The McLean County Tax Court will use $177,900 to install ADA-accessible playground equipment as well as new sewer lines and a lift station at Myer Creek Park.

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