Bees invade outdoor restaurants near Times Square, proving once again why eating out is overrated


NBC- An NYPD beekeeper had to round up thousands of buzzing insects in Times Square on Sunday after they apparently made a hive inside an outdoor restaurant seating area.

No injuries were reported, but it was quite a sight to behold, with an NYPD beekeeper seemingly unfazed as he handled hundreds of buzzing bees.

I have to say this before I start, I’m all for small businesses and restaurants attracting as many customers as possible, especially after the last two years of state restrictions etc. However, when it comes to eating out, especially in the summer, I’m OUT. Hard.

You might be wondering why such a strong hold, I would point out one of those reasons being the fact that bees might swarm your table, in addition to the heat, street noise, heat, sometimes uneven ground on the sidewalk, cars driving by you, bus smoke, and did I mention the heat? I don’t see how, when you are given the option of a nice comfortable chair in an air conditioned restaurant, why would you choose to sit on a busy city avenue with an express bus, an ambulance and a delivery truck High Noon barely passing 8 feet.

Again, I hope the restaurants kill it this summer, just as far as my choice, I’ll choose inside every time and I don’t even see how that’s up for debate .

Indoor dining or outdoor dining:

I will be shocked if the poll statistics do not confirm me.

Note from Clemitor: Any content about bees related to New York must include the Wu-Tang music video “Triumph” by Rico’s Shaolin Brothers.


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