Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors Hosts Second Public Workshop


A map showing plans for future park and greenway expansion throughout Chattanooga.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors held its second public workshop for its Parks and Outdoors plan Thursday evening. Residents could come to the Avondale Community Center to voice their opinions on the proposal to transform the parks and greenway systems in Chattanooga over the next two decades.

The goal of the plan is to expand access to the system for residents while preserving green spaces in our growing city. Scott Martin, the administrator of Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors, said, “No one is moving to Chattanooga for parking. We move here for our quality of life and our green spaces. You think parks, the best ever built, are built before development. So Central Park in New York wouldn’t have been possible if we were trying to build it today, it had to be built before the city was built, so let’s think of Chattanooga 30 years from now. Let’s think of the success in Chattanooga, how can we move forward with a great park system that long after they’ve left the place people are like men I’m sure have put this land aside.

The plan is expected to be presented to city council in December. Residents can give feedback at any time on the Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors website at or at the Outdoor Chattanooga Station in Coolidge Park.


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