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The Cherry Valley Outdoor Games is basically a wood chopping race. There are chopping events where competitors cut logs in half, or sawing events where they cut a log into a disc of wood. Nate Waterfield is the president of the Cherry Valley Outdoor Games.

“It’s about cutting the wood as fast as possible using the tool you have.”

One of the biggest draws is the Unlimited Hotsaw. It’s basically a dirt bike or an oversized single-cylinder engine modified into a chainsaw. They are customized from scratch, which makes them incredibly fast and very dangerous. Ben Kniceley hails from Shelby, NC and rivals a Hot Saw.

“You know you’re not supposed to hold a 330cc engine in your hand while you chop wood with it. and we take something that’s 330 and hold it in our hands, so there’s a draw to that.”

Ben says that aside from sheer power, it’s the special chain teeth that allow the saw to cut so quickly.

“So the fact that this tooth is taller than all the other teeth, I mean that’s really the main thing that’s different.”

If you’re interested in keeping all your teeth, you might want to keep the “your mom’s a Lumber Jill” jokes to a minimum, because the women’s division is serious business here. Lindsay Daun is a Lumber Jill from Round Lake, Illinois and has won a number of national competitions.

“I don’t want to take anything away from men, but they’re still seen as tough, strong, powerful leaders, and I think it’s kind of cool to have women getting into the sport…you know, we have the same qualities. . We can lead. We are powerful. We are strong and we break records.

Timber Sport pro athlete Mark Bouquin says even male competitors must give credit where credit is due.

“When they see women doing it, and doing it very well, efficiently and as well as the men, it’s impressive. It’s true. I mean they’re very impressive athletes, and they’re just as good than guys.”

Nate Waterfield points out that the competition you’ll see at the Cherry Valley Outdoor Games will be unlike any other in the world.

“The United States has by far the strongest group of women in the world, and it’s impressive, it’s great, and these women are pushing each other to get better and better. They are constantly setting world records and new national records.”

The Cherry Valley Outdoor Games is a family event, so bring your kids and hope that by the end of the day they’ll be “sawing wood”.


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