City Park Outdoor Restaurant and Beer Garden Comes to Fayetteville – Fayetteville Flyer


Future City Park site at 1332 N. Leverett Ave. (Photo Flyer/Todd Gill)

A new outdoor restaurant from the folks behind Feed and Folly is coming to Fayetteville soon.

The new concept is called City Park and will be located in the former AT&T truck station at 1332 N. Leverett Ave. Us first written about the project when he was before the planning commission in January.

Since then, more details – including a name for the restaurant – have been decided. Co-owner Lewis Chase, who bought the property with Feed and Folly business partners Michael and Matt Sutton, told us the name is a nod to another local community space.

“City Park is actually the original name of Wilson Park when my mom was a kid,” Chase said. “We decided it would be cool to honor him.”

The idea for the new business, he said, is to create a concept similar to what you might find in Dallas, Austin and other cities, which serves local food and beers, all in an outdoor space with easy access to the trail network.

Chase said the kitchen will be located in the existing building on the property and will serve a variety of food options.

“Our original idea was to have three or four kitchens serving different dishes, but it turned out that we weren’t going to be able to modernize the building as much,” he said. “So we will have a kitchen with 3-4 types of food coming out. From now on, we’re thinking Texas-style BBQ with Thursday-Sunday specials, smashburgers, street tacos and a trailside snack menu with healthier items so you can grab a bite and go. rolling.

The restaurant will use the metal overhangs of the existing building for shaded seating. The partners also plan to add fans, heaters, televisions and other equipment.

“We love finding old buildings and finding new uses for them, and that’s why this property is so appealing,” Chase said. “We like not having to tear it down and start over.”

Some shipping container buildings will also be added to provide bar space and meet other storage needs, he said. During major Razorback weekends, the space will allow local food trucks to set up shop and help serve larger crowds.

Most of the project’s resources will be devoted to the outdoor space.

“We spend a lot of our budget on landscaping,” Chase said. “Tall trees for shade, and things like that.”

There will also be space for outdoor games, such as a pétanque court and other activities.

Chase said the project could take place in two phases, with the first phase focusing on renovating existing buildings and adding shipping container space. A second phase could focus more on the outdoor beer garden.

Chase said he and his partners just got planning permission for the space, which sits in a floodplain due to its proximity to Scull Creek. Direct access to the property from the trail could be a challenge, but Chase said he is currently working on solutions to provide a bridge over the creek to access the property.

“Our trail network is growing so much,” Chase said. “We cycle from Feed & Folly to Nomads and Fossil Cove all the time, and thought it would be so nice if there was another trailside beer garden in that area. There really aren’t many places to stop between Dickson Street and Lake Fayetteville, so we’re happy to add another destination along the trail.

If all goes well, construction could be finished by the end of the year, though owners could wait until things heat up in the spring of 2023 before officially opening to the public.


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