Countdown begins for Turkey’s first outdoor festival


It’s time for a festival!

A countdown has started for Turkey’s first outdoor life and activity festival “OutdoorFest”, organized in Istanbul by the Outdoor Turkey platform.

The festival will take place in the Kilyos district of Istanbul. The event will bring together outdoor enthusiasts from September 3 to 5, over an area of ​​400,000 square meters.

Guided by the principles of ethical use of nature, the environment and resources, OutdoorFest offers nature talks, which include the sharing of varied experiences, live music performances, fun games, discussions on nature, various workshops and accommodation in a caravan.

OutdoorFest is a family friendly, pet friendly environment frequented by nature and activity lovers. This open-air festival attracts many visitors of all ages, who are looking for natural life, environmental awareness, various experiences and facilities.

During the three days of the festival, in the activities category, there will be a longboard, enduro, cycling competition, bushcraft camping conferences and caravan life conferences. In the games category, there will be a longboard track, a zipline track, a climbing wall, a slackline, an airsoft arena and areas for playing Jenga and Chiboard. In the category of workshops there will be workshops on the use of caravans, leather carving, cycling, coffee brewing, growing balcony plants, healthy nutrition, first aid, bushcraft camping and , for children, a workshop on nature and seeds.

Visitors will enjoy music in nature with concerts of Old Town Blues with Melis Karaduman, Group Gündoğarken, Ilker Tulunay and Retrobüs. Visitors staying in the camps will experience strolls in the forest, nocturnal films, fairy-tale concerts, various shows and stargazing.

The event takes place during the COVID-19 pandemic, but all precautions will be taken. According to the press release from the organizer, the entire area will be disinfected every day. There will be temperature control points at the entrance and masks will be mandatory. Additionally, workers are required to apply for a HES (Life Fits Into Home, Turkish “Hayat Eve Sar”) code, so have your own!


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