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Although the days are getting shorter, the summer solstice on June 21 marked the start of many Californians’ favorite season. In Santa Clara County, summer offers many places and opportunities to hike, camp, fish, bike, play, and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities in public parks.

“We’re going to have a crowded summer,” said Tamara Clark, spokeswoman for the Santa Clara County Parks Department. “People are still enjoying the outdoors as we go through the pandemic. Most of our parks have been quite busy.

The County Parks System and its staff are always bringing back more in-person programs and events to local facilities. Such programming was halted for months at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Events include sunset hikes, campfire programs, movie nights and self-guided programs. Registration is required for many in-person events. To see full details of summer events at county parks and to register, visit

Park officials warn that summer in the Santa Clara Valley can bring its own set of dangers, especially when temperatures soar. Clark said it’s important for park users to stay hydrated and always bring plenty of water when planning to be on the trail or in the water for an extended period of time. People also need to make sure their pets have enough water to drink.

Park guests should also be sure to dress in layers so they can cool down or warm up as temperatures change throughout the day, Clark added.

Parks staff also encourage residents and their families to volunteer in the parks during the summer. According to county parks staff, volunteer positions are open for ongoing commitments, such as working at visitor centers or acting as an interpretive guide, and one-time events such as park beautification days.

For more information on volunteer needs, visit

County Park Information

There are 28 parks in the Santa Clara County Park System, offering a full range of outdoor activities from hiking and picnicking to camping and fishing, as well as historic sites and amenities educational. For more information about county parks, including how to book a reservation or volunteer, visit the county parks site at


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