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Davis businesses and events have a huge impact in attracting tourism to Yolo County, which is essential for the hundreds of business owners who depend on the extra income provided by out of town clients.

“When the pandemic started and we saw everything shut down, we were definitely hit,” said Tiffany Dozier, public relations and communications director for Visit Yolo.

Visit Yolo is in charge of marketing for a much wider reach for the county and individual cities by creating destination awareness campaigns, according to Dozier.

“We are really trying to bring everyone here and expand our knowledge about Yolo County,” she added.

Although the pandemic has taken its toll on tourism, things have started to pick up again now that many people are more comfortable visiting different places after nearly two years at home.

“A lot of people like to travel because they’ve been locked inside for so long, but they don’t want to go to bigger destinations like Los Angeles or San Francisco because they’re so condensed and crowded,” he said. underlined Dozier. “Yolo County became where people wanted to go once people started to feel more comfortable and we really benefited from being that kind of a rural travel destination.”

Cities like Davis are much safer than visiting large metropolitan areas, as they are able to offer outdoor activities and events like the Davis Farmers Market, large-scale cycling events like the Halloween Zombie Bike Ride and Moreover.

One of the main strategies implemented by the city is to adopt a Bandwango pass called On Your Left which encourages people to go out more and to support local restaurants and businesses.

“We think it’s definitely going to generate a lot of local buzz, but we think that by generating this buzz locally, people will be able to tell stories and show their family and friends who could potentially live outside of town,” Viraaj Solanki, president of Digital Tank Marketing Agency, said.

Salanki and his marketing agency were hired to work with the Visit Davis portion of Visit Yolo, according to Dozier.

“We launched our new economy pass by using Davis’s bike-friendly nature to move people to a variety of businesses, including even some hotels,” said Terry Selk, executive director of Visit Yolo, in an e- mail.

The pass will allow locals and visitors to enjoy offers and discounts on attractions, retailers, restaurants and more, according to its website at visityolo.com/on-your-left-pass.

Some notable offers include $ 10 off a purchase of $ 40 or more at Fleet Feet, 15% off drinks at Pachamama Coffee, and 10% off a UC Davis print garment or gift at the UC Davis Downtown Store.

“We also feature guest blogs every month and we are reaching out to companies to answer a few questions and will feature them as well,” Solanki noted. “Our goal is just to support what’s going on around Davis and then be the mouthpiece to tell everyone.”

Guest blogs written by Davis residents and notable business owners such as Pence Gallery Director Natalie Nelson, Upper Crust Baking Owner Lorin Kalisky and Davis Dirt Editor Ashley Muir Bruhn are available on visitdavis .org / blog.

“We are seeing tourism coming back,” Dozier said. “It’s definitely on the rise. The things we get through our channels are trying to get back to normal while following the protocols. “


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