Delhi-NCR schools revise timetables and limit outdoor activities as mercury soars | Latest Delhi News


With the heat wave sweeping the nation’s capital, schools are now taking action including revising school hours, restricting outdoor activities, stockpiling oral rehydration syrups (ORS) and glucose packets and children’s motivation to stay hydrated, news agency PTI reported.

A scorching heat wave had sent the mercury soaring across large swaths of India, with the temperature in Delhi hitting 46 degrees Celsius. The nation’s capital also recorded its second hottest April in 72 years with an average monthly maximum temperature of 40.2 degrees Celsius.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had earlier this week said that a new heat wave is expected to start in northwest India from May 7 and in central India from May 8.

While closing schools due to the heat wave is not an option as experts suggest as offline classes have started from the new term after almost two years due to the Covid-induced pandemic.

According to Shubhi Soni, the principal of Shri Ram Wonder Years School in Rohini, all outdoor activities have been restricted following the rising temperatures.

“School timetables will also be revised based on prevailing conditions and afternoon rush hour dispersal will be avoided to prevent heat stroke and energy draining from students.

“We also have an emergency kit to use, which includes ORS, glucose and oral electrolytes to give to the children if they need them. The school staff carefully monitor the children and constantly motivate them to drink water to manage the heat wave,” she said.

Anshu Mital, headmaster of MRG School in Rohini, said they have also drastically reduced outdoor activities to protect students from heat exposure.

“Students are often motivated to drink plenty of fluids to stay fresh and hydrated. We also have a school clinic with well-trained staff to treat students if there are any health risks,” the principal said.

Water is sprinkled on the school grounds and terrace to bring down the temperature, Mital said.

“We also make a conscious effort to hold counseling sessions to educate students about preventive measures against heat stroke and also encourage them to follow these steps,” she said.

Amid the intense heat wave across the country, the Center had last week urged states and union territories to review the preparedness of their health facilities for the availability of adequate quantities of medicines and equipment. while ensuring sufficient potable water and continuous operation of cooling devices in critical areas.

The Center had also advised people to avoid exposure to the sun, especially between noon and 3 p.m., to avoid strenuous activities outdoors in the afternoon, and to avoid alcohol, tea , coffee or drinks with high sugar content, stating these can lead to loss of more body fluid or cause stomach cramps.

The Center had also advised people to avoid high-protein foods and expired foods and not to leave children or pets in parked vehicles.

“The increasing heat makes it impossible to go outside. The school has started to put a stop to sports activities as a precautionary measure… A workshop is organized among the students on how to hydrate and the importance healthy meals loaded with carbohydrates and proteins,” said Harender Kumar Sharma, Principal of TDI International School in Kundli.

Aashish Kumar Sharma, Chief Operating Officer of Gaurs Group of Schools, said parents are advised to keep their children hydrated at all times and give them plenty of fluids to boost their immunity and revitalize them for the day. school.

“We are ensuring that an adequate temperature is maintained in classrooms and school premises…Teachers are always encouraging students to drink water at regular intervals. We are also planning to limit activities outdoors due to rising mercury,” he said.


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