Disney Dreamlight Valley Player Shows Building an Outdoor Restaurant


A fan of Disney Valley of Dreams develops its exterior design and its culinary muscles by creating its own restaurant. Along with the multitude of quests to complete, Dreamlight to gather, and character relationships to nurture, there are also plenty of crafting and decorating opportunities for players to sink their teeth into, which this fan successfully took advantage of.

Craftsmanship is one of the main activities Disney Valley of Dreams players can participate in rebuilding the world around them, but not the only one. Players must forage, mine, fish, dig, and harvest their farm to provide ingredients for cooking and materials for crafting. Crafting offers a wealth of buildable items for players to experiment with. From a trellis arch to appliances to an outbuilding, the choices are plentiful.


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Perhaps dissatisfied with the culinary options already existing in Disney Valley of Dreams, a Reddit user, FFprism, decided to build his own charming outdoor restaurant. Christening the restaurant as Mickey-Donald’s, FFprism posted a screenshot on Reddit with a caption announcing the restaurant’s official opening. The player used a variety of indoor and outdoor items that all worked together to bring their trendy beer garden to life.

The image shows a cozy, fenced-in hangout with multiple places for customers to eat, complete with ready-to-eat meals and adorable light-up Micky centerpieces. The counter at the back with its neon burger sign fits perfectly with the fast food that adorns the plates – surely made with only the best ingredients from Disney Valley of Dreams – while the cobbled floor adds a certain class. FFprism has built a walking path up to the entrance where patrons are greeted by the wrought iron arch adorned with purple banners and featuring the Mickey emblem. And nestled right next to the arcane Tower of Merlin, the aptly named Mickey-Donald’s offers diners fine dining with a view.

A job like this is exactly what makes crafting games shine. The craftsmanship in Disney Valley of Dreams leaves room for creativity, helping a vision come to life. It offers a kind of player engagement that results in something bigger than itself being created, shared, and enjoyed, outside of the game experience. If anything, Disney Valley of Dreams should go further in its manufacture. Since it is a Disney game, holding all the licenses of its properties, it offers a specific fantasy that offers players a unique creative outlet that they cannot find anywhere else.

But as things stand, it’s still early to Disney Valley of Dreamsand at this point the options are definitely not as robust as something like Animal Crossing: New Horizons Arts and crafts. But it’s a very good start and something that will be exciting to watch.

Disney Valley of Dreams is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S

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