Family Hikes: A Fun and Safe Way to Enjoy Outdoor Activities During the Pandemic


The last and a half years have been very stressful for all of us. Containment has affected us all. While most of us work from home, enjoying indoor activities with the family, we definitely miss the fun of the outdoors.

We never realized that hiking, swimming and just outdoor sports with our friends would be missed. From Maryland to Tennessee, there are many hiking trails that provide intense but entertaining activity for Americans.

Hiking – A great activity with the kids

Hiking can be done all year round, but summer mornings are a great time to enjoy and rediscover new trails. Most of the trails are teeming with flora and fauna, captivating plantations and many trees – this makes your trip even better.

While hiking alone can be fun on its own, going on a day trip with your kids can make it a fun adventure. Your little one can add a fun side to otherwise strenuous exercise.

This article will bring out some essential aspects of hiking with your children.

Hiking provides a great opportunity for exercise with children

How many times has your child refused to go out for a run with you because of video games or any other activity? Probably more than once. However, when you plan a trip to the hills, it automatically intrigues little souls.

Research has shown that spending time on the hills is exceptionally good for the heart when walking on an incline path. It increases your heart rate and strengthens your muscle system and heart health. Family hiking allows everyone to get up and enjoy the scenic flora and fauna surrounding America’s beautiful hiking trails.

Hiking allows modern children to explore nature

The trails provide plenty of opportunities to learn about wildlife, as there is so much to see and observe that we usually don’t live in our own gardens.

You can quickly discover many kinds of insects, plants, birds and wildlife on various routes. Different sections of a path can have varying habitats, such as swamps, meadows, and woodlands.

Each atmosphere will offer you the chance to teach your children in a way that is enjoyable for the whole family. You can also teach your children these simple ways to conserve our antlers.

Hiking is a great bonding experience with kids

Nowadays we are busy with our daily schedules. Go to work, school and extracurricular activities. Obviously, it is impossible to stop your daily routine as we are all working to achieve great success. These busy schedules limit time spent with family and have completely changed the cultural values ​​of all other American homes.

However, family hiking can actually provide some great family time. You can go on a Smokie Mountain Vacation for a day of extreme fun, adventure and exploration. Children often express their feelings with their parents when going on an adventure such as hiking. This will help you understand them better and know their nature.

Hiking develops problem-solving skills in children

Hiking is a great method to improve your problem-solving skills and even teamwork. When hiking, you just don’t have to figure out which way to go on the trail and how to avoid obstacles. Crossing water, crossing rocks, and avoiding fallen trees all require critical thinking, especially for small children.

These are fantastic teaching opportunities for the little ones, and opportunities to get feedback from everyone in your family. After considering all of your options, you can decide on the best solution as a family and plan what is best for all of you.

Hiking will give children responsibility for decisions

Let the kids control the pace and make decisions along the way. Allow them to choose which path to go or where to eat. They will automatically want to investigate their surroundings and examine new insects, flowers and birds. If they seem to be getting distracted along the way, you can bring a few toys that they can play with. Better yet, see if the kids can make their own inventions using only items they find along the way, such as pebbles, twigs, and leaves. Just make sure you don’t waste anything.

Planning a hike with children

One of the essential things to consider when taking children on a hike is to plan everything properly. Missing out on the simplest things will literally ruin the trip and make it uncomfortable. When you go, be sure to plan the trip well and pack these things before you go.

Here are a few things to make your trips child-friendly:

Keep it flexible and user-friendly

One of the best things you can do to hinder the whole trip is to call it an exercise or a workout. Honestly, no kid likes it. If you want your kids to enjoy hiking as much as you do, make the trip as fun as possible. Besides being able to walk for a long time, here are some things you can do to make hiking fun:

  • Introduce your children to different plantations, flowers and wild animals. Explain their existence, benefits, and origin along the way.
  • Bird watching is also one of the significant activities to make your kids travel addicted.
  • Create activities like collecting rocks / leaves or collecting different items for a scrapbook after the hike.
  • Take photos while making various stops.

Bring lots of snacks

Kids love snacks, there’s no doubt about it. Hiking on a hot summer day can be quite exhausting for adults, let alone kids. Make sure you keep enough fluids and snacks on hand so you can hand them a package whenever they want. Packaged foods are a good option because you really don’t want to give them soggy sandwiches or an egg salad gone bad from the heat. Some things to pack are:

  • Protein bars
  • Juice boxes
  • Healthy crackers
  • Salted baked crisps
  • The clear water
  • Pop corn

Correct dress and additional dressing

Children may have a different body temperature than adults. While you are perfectly normal, your little one may feel hot (or cold). It’s always a good idea to pack a supplement for you and your child. Standard hiking attire includes:

  • Sneakers (you can buy a good pair designed for hiking from Nike, Adidas or Reebok).
  • Sweatshirts
  • T-shirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Socks

Make sure you pack extra things like a raincoat, umbrellas, gloves, and a roomy backpacking bag. Also take:

  • Additional masks
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Plastic swabs


Hiking is a great way to boost your energy. When planning a hike, be sure to follow all COVID-19 SOPs. You can have a great bonding experience with your family while exercising. Just make sure to keep the trip fun, entertaining, and kid-friendly. For example, if you plan to explore Pigeon Forge attractions when hiking the trails make sure you educate your kids in a fun way about everything out there. The only way to make this trip fun is to make sure the kids actually enjoy it. Always pack enough snacks and fluids so that your children don’t feel exhausted or tired during the hike.


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