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Michael Ornelas runs with a wet sponge in his hand to wring it out in another bucket. Two teams competed to see who would fill their bucket the most in eight minutes during Roosevelt Elementary School’s field day on Tuesday, May 24.


As the Scottsbluff school year drew to a close, area elementary school students enjoyed the activities that got them out of the classroom. On Tuesday, Roosevelt Elementary students from kindergarten through second grade hit the playground for the school’s annual day.

“It’s really fun for them,” said Roosevelt manager Frances Burkhalter. “Kids can go and compete and they can excel in athletics. Sometimes we only see where they excel in math or reading. It’s fun to watch them excel in athletics.

Kindergarten to Grade 2 students enjoyed their own day on the school playground.

“Here it’s fun to see the students interact in a different way,” Burkhalter said.

Roosevelt :: 2

Sophomore Achilles Cruz rides down an inflatable slide during Roosevelt Elementary School’s field day on Tuesday, May 24.


Burkhalter said the kids were having fun.

“It’s exciting to watch the kids grow and change (every year),” she says.

Each class, kindergarten through second, gets one hour to participate in field day activities, organizer Whitney Bennett said.

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Several activities were spread around the playground for the enjoyment of children.

Stations included a bouncy house with a slide, ring toss with flamingos, a game using a sponge to fill a bucket with water, and a football-like game using a beach ball and pool noodles.

This year’s star attraction, a life-size version of Candyland.

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Sophomores at Roosevelt Elementary School play a form of soccer using a beach ball and pool noodles during field day Tuesday, May 24.


“I have a fabulous team that I work with. We usually do a bounce house. We did a dunk tank where the teachers volunteered to get dunked, which is really fun,” Bennett said. We’re trying to come up with fun new ideas to get kids moving that they’ll enjoy. This year we decided to do Candyland because the theme for our building is “Bring Your Game A, Every Day Counts. So it’s all about the game board theme. We went ahead and created a life-size Candyland.

Bennett said she and other teachers, paraprofessionals and even their spouses stayed late Monday to paint the game board on the grass.

To keep everything organized, Bennett said each level is divided into six groups – one for each station.

“They have colored lanyards so you can tell which team they belong to. (We don’t want them) to go where they want,” she said. “They have about eight minutes at each station. Then we have a snack that they will fetch and take inside to enjoy.

To top off the excitement of the day, parents are invited to watch their children participate in the various activities. It’s a fun way to end the school year, Burkhalter said.

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