Hawaii removes restrictions on outdoor activities, announces requirements for international travelers



According to an announcement by Governor David Ige, travelers from outside the United States will once again be able to visit Hawaii after the new federal guidelines come into effect on Monday, November 8. In a separate statement, the governor provided information on indoor and outdoor gathering rules.

A report from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Notes that the capacity of restaurants, bars, gyms and other places where people gather indoors will be limited to 50 percent, unless the county where the business is located has a vaccination requirement in place customers or be able to provide proof of a negative COVID Test result. Ige also mentioned the removal of some restrictions like wearing masks and social distancing outside.

“As a reminder, indoor activities in restaurants, bars and social establishments must continue to require that customers remain seated with their group, maintain a distance of 6 feet between groups, do not mix and wear masks in all. time, except when actively eating or drinking. , said Ige. “As of November 12… outdoor activities in restaurants, bars and social establishments will no longer be subject to these restrictions. “

New federal requirements for international visitors

Under the new guidelines, non-U.S. Citizens traveling to Hawaii from outside the U.S. will be required to provide authorities with a record of their immunization status. and a negative COVID test that was performed within 3 days of boarding their flight. Citizens, on the other hand, can choose between providing proof of vaccination. Where showing a negative COVID test that was taken within one day of the flight to the United States.

US citizens who do not provide one of the above documents, or foreign travelers who do not provide both documents, will not be allowed to fly. To ensure the policy is enforced, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will conduct checks in Hawaii.

While the required tests do not have to be taken with one of Hawaii’s travel partners under federal guidelines, they must be done with one of the partners for unvaccinated domestic travelers. (Hawaii’s COVID-19 site has more information on the state’s travel partners.)

Non-US citizens traveling to Hawaii from another state or territory will be considered domestic travelers.

John De Fries, CEO and Chairman of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, released the following statement after the press conference:

“We can only reopen the visitor industry because of the actions the people of Hawaii have taken throughout this pandemic to protect each other and keep our community healthy,” he said. declared. “Thanks to your efforts, we can now continue to work to bring Hawaii’s economy back to support our local small businesses and working Kamaaina families.”

National rules

Safe Travels Hawaii still maintains certain rules for domestic travelers. People from the United States who wish to travel to the tropical state will still need to create an account on the program site, enter their travel details, complete health documents online, and sign all information entered.

The state requires a 10-day quarantine period that travelers can avoid by providing documentation proving vaccination status or a negative nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT).

Additionally, Hawaii (with federal government policy) will accept vaccines approved by the FDA as well as vaccines approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization. For a full list of approved vaccines, see the CDC website.

Governor Ige maintained a positive tone in his statement. “Thank you to the people of Hawaii for their patience and for taking precautions to keep our communities safe. Our state continues to experience one of the lowest incidences of COVID-19 and death rates linked to the virus, ”he said. “As more people are vaccinated, we are working to relax pandemic mitigation measures – including travel restrictions – in a way that ensures the health and safety of our communities. “

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