Kriseman teases more outdoor dining and retail capacity, Sunken Gardens opens • St Pete Catalyst



St. Petersburg dog parks, skateparks and recreation grounds are open. Sunken Gardens will soon be open and more outdoor dining and retail spaces are on the way, Mayor Rick Kriseman said on Tuesday.

Kriseman didn’t say when or how many additional outdoor dining and retail spaces the city would allow when speaking to residents through Facebook Live, but he said business owners should research details additional in the coming days.

The announcement comes shortly after a statement last week that the administration would allow businesses with private parking lots in adjacent outdoor spaces to extend alfresco dining to those spaces, with an emergency permit.

Kriseman and city staff spent the time between the announcements surveying business owners along Central Avenue and Beach Drive to decide how to proceed and whether the city should follow in Tampa’s footsteps.

“Please stay tuned for more details on the temporary conversion of on-street parking for retail and restaurant businesses,” Kriseman said.

“We were very deliberate in making this decision, engaging with our business owners and thinking about unintended consequences and safety concerns,” he explained. “We like to be on the cutting edge here in St. Pete, but there are times when we really have to tick every box to make sure we get it right. “

Kriseman also mentioned that while a large majority of restaurants followed city and state guidelines, there had been a few complaints that St. Petersburg police had to respond to.

Kriseman said a decision on whether or not to open the libraries has yet to be made.



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