Logiscool Romania summer camps include outdoor activities with robot programming sessions


Outdoor activities are an important part of the Logiscool Romania 2022 summer camp program, especially after the last few years where interactions took place mainly online.

The programming school for children and teenagers aged 6 to 17 has opened registration for summer camps, for those who want to learn how to create and program robots, explore programming languages ​​and edit photo-video content. Children will also learn how to create custom games using different game design tools and concepts and, using their own ideas, create unique content in the most creative way possible.

Registration is now open for this summer’s edition, which will run from June 13 to September 1, with programs available at all 58 Logiscool locations across the country. As well as tailoring programs to learners’ interests, summer camps will welcome children and teens with a range of outdoor activities, to facilitate interaction and encourage the development of new skills, both social and practices. So far, Logiscool Romania’s summer camps have benefited more than 10,000 children and teenagers.

”Logiscool Romania is constantly developing new educational themes and constantly adapting the program of its summer programs (coding languages, robotics, digital creativity) according to the needs of the participants. This summer, we are focusing on outdoor activities in our program, which aim to develop students’ soft skills. Thus, by participating in Logiscool Romania’s summer programs, children and teenagers have the opportunity to acquire both technical skills, such as the creation and programming of robots, the reflection on personalized games and the photo-video content editing, and soft skills, through outdoor socializing and self-study. – discovery activities”, explains Indira Abdulvoap, Logiscool Romania.

Logiscool summer camps are accompanied by new features for children and teenagers who are passionate about programming

This year’s Logiscool summer camps include the update LEGO WeDo Future and Minecraft City of Heroes workshops, where children and teenagers will discover space exploration through hands-on projects and learn how to create and program their own robots to become planetary exploration vehicles.

Children’s logic skills will be developed by creating different functional Roblox game modes and creating their personalized games, thus learning the Lua programming language, during the Roblox “Hacker” camp. To practice children’s algorithmic thinking, parents can enroll their children in LEGO SPIKE Adventures. Photography enthusiasts can further explore and create unique photo-video content with their mobile phone camera at Smartphone Photo and Video Camp.

Logiscool summer camps are organized over one or more days, depending on the activities chosen, but there is also the possibility of half-day digital modules for those who prefer this mode of exploration.

Earlier this year, Logiscool received recognition from one of the most prestigious international educational certification institutions – Education Alliance Finland (EAF) – for the quality of its learning solutions. This certificate comes after a complete evaluation process and confirms the quality of the Logiscool course and the effectiveness of the educational platform offered. In addition, the EAF certification demonstrates that Logiscool offers training in digital and creative skills through programming and robotics courses, both in group and individual activities.

In Romania, Logiscool is now present with 58 programming schools in almost 40 cities, where children and adolescents develop skills for the future and train themselves as future professionals ready for the needs of the job market, thanks to the modular structure of the program, courses, creativity workshops and summer camps. Logiscool intends to end this year with 72 programming schools in Romania.


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