Melbourne residents can travel 15 kilometers and enjoy more outdoor activities from September 28


Melburnians, get ready to venture a little further from home – and play golf, tennis, and other outdoor activities with your friends, and get in on a few personal workouts too. Victoria’s recently announced roadmap to come out of lockdown is set to hit its first milestone, with 80% of the state’s eligible residents expected to have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by now Tuesday September 28. So, at 11:59 p.m. that night, a few restrictions will relax.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because the current roadmap highlighted most of these changes when it was unveiled on Sunday, September 19; however, there have been some changes. First, it was originally predicted that the one-shot 80% threshold would arrive today, Sunday, September 26, but that did not prove the case. Second, as Premier Daniel Andrews just revealed, some of the easing rules have been changed.

Wondering what life has in store for you from Wednesday, September 29 (because you will only have one minute to take advantage of the new rules the day before)? First, the ten-kilometer radius extends to 15 kilometers – so that’s the distance you can travel for shopping, exercise, and outdoor social interactions.

In addition, what you are allowed to do in a group outdoors will change to include “touchless” recreation. So things like golf and tennis will be allowed, as will boating. They will be allowed under the same picnic rules that are currently in place – which include one person who is not part of your household if you are not fully vaxxed, and up to five adults from two households, plus their own. dependents, if all adults have had their two jabs. The current four-hour limit for outdoor exercise and socialization remains in place.

And personal training is also back for five people fully vaxxed outdoors, along with a double prick trainer. In addition, there will no longer be restrictions on playgrounds, which will now fall under general outdoor gathering rules.

These relaxed restrictions are part of Melbourne’s journey out of its current (and sixth) lockdown. The city first returned to current stay-at-home conditions in early August – just nine days after the previous lockdown ended – and has seen these rules extended on several occasions so far, and a nighttime curfew has also been implemented.

Earlier in September, the requirements for outdoor social interactions and how far you are allowed to travel away from home for those outdoor gatherings, exercise and shopping eased slightly; however, the changes that take effect on Tuesday, September 28 will relax the rules a bit more.

After that, further restrictions are expected to ease when 70% of state residents over the age of 16 have been fully vaxxed, that is, when the lockdown ends, the curfew will be dropped. and the displacement radius will be 25 kilometers. In addition, ten fully vaccinated people will be allowed to assemble outdoors and outdoor community sport will return. Plus, pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues can open up to 50 double-bite people – but outdoors only – and weddings and funerals can do the same. And, for the completely vaxxed, five people can go to a hairdresser at a time.

Thereafter, at the 80% double dose threshold for those over 16, groups of ten, including dependents, will be permitted in homes. Groups of 30 fully exhausted people can also meet outside. Meals inside the reception areas will resume, with up to 150 double vaxx people allowed, and the ceiling will drop to 500 outside. There will be no movement radius, so intra-state movement will return without limits. Community indoor sport will also return, there will be a 150-person cap on hairdressing for fully vaxxed, and all retail stores will reopen. Indoor entertainment venues, as well as weddings and funerals, will follow those 150 and 500 caps mentioned above. And, masks will only be required indoors from this point on.

Finally, when 80% of Victorians over 12 are fully immunized, the state will align with the rules of Australia’s new ‘National Transition Plan for Australia’s National Response to COVID’ which was announced in July. . This is when double-bitten Australians should once again be able to travel abroad without restrictions, when there is no lockdown and when Vaxxed Aussies are free from domestic restrictions anyway. The federal government is expected to flesh out these rules in the coming months.

In addition, Victoria has pledged that for Christmas, 30 people will be allowed inside the houses. The exact time when it will start – obviously before December 25 – has not been revealed.

It should be noted that the national plan requires all of Australia to globally meet each vaccination threshold before an individual state or territory that has reached that milestone can relax restrictions – but this was not mentioned in the sheet. road from Victoria, except during the final phase.

Are you wondering where you can get vaccinated now? There is a handy online map that helps you find the nearest clinic. Want to monitor vaccination rates? There are a bunch of online resources that will help you do that as well.

Victoria’s latest round of relaxed restrictions will take effect at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 28. For more information on Victoria’s roadmap to reopen, visit the Victorian Government website. For more information on the state of COVID-19 and current restrictions, visit the Department of Health website.

Top image: Royal Botanic Gardens, Visit Victoria.

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