Outdoor activities in the heart of Brisbane


Outdoor Activities in Brisbane City

Think of Brisbane and you’d immediately imagine bustling bars, bustling historic landmarks and sunny beaches. However, look beyond its laid-back vibe and you’ll find plenty of exciting activities in the downtown network.

If you’re planning your first trip to this urban city, you don’t have to travel far to seek an adventure or two. Here is eight unique outdoor activities to put on your bucket list when in Brisbane.

PS For a full list of entry requirements see our Guide Australia VTL. Then board a direct SQ flight and you’ll be in Brisbane in no time.

1. Climb a 22-story bridge for panoramic views

Image credit: @storybridgeadventureclimb

Every city has this iconic landmark which sits at the top of every visitor’s must-see list. In Brisbane it is story bridge – a 74M metal structure steeped in history and heritage. And if you think you have the stamina, sign up for a 2-hour climb that will take you to its “summit”.

Once you get to the top, the 360 ​​degree panoramic view of Brisbane city and surrounding areas is well worth it.

The Story Bridge climb is more like a relaxing walk and you will be fully prepared by an experienced instructor before you begin. It’s also a bridge that never sleeps, meaning you can come for a dawn climb, a daytime conquest, a dusk session, a nighttime adventure, and even a New Year’s Eve rock climb.

Story Bridge Adventure Climbing

Price: From AUD 99 (~S$96.32)
Address: 170 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, Queensland 4169, Australia
Opening hours: 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m., daily
Phone: +61 7 3188 9070

To visit Brisbane History Bridge.

2. Snuggle up with koalas at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Brisbane-outdoor-activitiesImage credit: @jsueko

A trip to Australia won’t be complete without cuddling a koala or two, and you can do that at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – the oldest and largest sanctuary in the world. You’ll be able to get up close to those fuzzy little animals there.

Besides koalas, the sanctuary is home to many other animals, such as majestic owls and the elusive platypus. Along with attending a private owl training session, you can ask questions, learn fun facts, and even hold an owl on your glove for unique photo ops. As for platypus, you could just feed them.

Brisbane-outdoor-activitiesImage credit: @lonepinekoala

Be sure to stop by the quaint cafe inside the sanctuary for one of the best views of the Brisbane River.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Price: From 35 AUD (~34.04 USD)
Address: 708 Jesmond Road, Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland 4069, Australia
Opening hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m., daily
Phone: +61 7 3378 1366

To visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

3. Feast on street food at a riverside shipping container market

Brisbane-outdoor-activitiesImage credit: @elephantadventures

For an extreme version of Eatbox, check out Eat Street North Shore – Brisbane’s bustling foodie paradise. Besides the tasty food, expect to find other gems here, such as vintage clothing, handmade goods, and live entertainment, all tucked away in colorful shipping containers under glittering garlands.

Some foolproof stalls that are guaranteed to hit the spot include bustling Asia Street which sells cuisine from Vietnam, Shanghai and Thailand and Singapore; Trawler Deck serving freshly shucked oysters and shrimp; and the hugely popular Kombi Alley which sells desserts such as ice cream and fried Oreos, to name a few.

Eat Street North Shore

Entrance: From 5 AUD (~4.78)
Address: 221D MacArthur Avenue, Hamilton, Queensland 4007, Australia
Phone: +61 428 485 242

To visit Eatstreet Northshore Food Market.

4. Rappel down 20-meter-high cliffs with city views

Brisbane-outdoor-activitiesImage credit: @visitbrisbane

Abseiling is definitely not for the faint-hearted. But if you don’t have abseiled from the cliffs of Kangaroo Pointyou haven’t quite done Brisbane.

This exciting activity is simple. You will be attached to a rope and walk backwards, bounce or rappel down 20 meter high cliffs. But no matter how you want to take on the challenge – slow and steady or fast and furious – you’ll always have the chance to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city and the river.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Price: From 48.98 AUD (~47.59 USD)
Address: Kangaroo Point, Queensland 4169, Australia

Book a Kangaroo Point Cliff Rappelling Experience.

5. Take a Sunset Kayak Tour on the Brisbane River

Brisbane-outdoor-activitiesImage credit: @riverlifebrisbane

Tourists and locals love it kayaking on the Brisbane River, and for good reason. For us seasonal tourists, kayaking is a fun and affordable activity that gives you a glimpse of the city skyline. If you’re short on time, this gives you an overview of the city in just 90 minutes.

You’ll pass eight of Brisbane’s most iconic attractions, such as Story Bridge and Howard Smith Wharves, as you train. Kayaks are available for hire throughout the day, although we hear the sunset tours are truly spectacular.

Riverlife Adventure Center

Price: From AUD65 (~S$63.21)
Address: Naval Stores Kangaroo Point Cliffs Drive, Kangaroo Point, Queensland 4169, Australia
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9am-5pm (closed Monday)
Phone: +61 7 3517 4954

Book a kayaking trip.

6. Have a floating picnic on an electric boat

goboat-brisbaneImage credit: @goboatbrisbane

There is no shortage of water sports in Brisbane. After all, a day basking in the sun is a busy day. Walk in GoBoat – your unique, hassle-free floating picnic experience.

goboat-brisbaneImage credit: @goboatbrisbane

You won’t have to attend a long briefing with the captain and crew because you are beautiful the captain. All you have to do is rent a boat, gather your friends, pack some food and drink, and set sail.

No boat license or previous experience is required. Each electric boat can accommodate up to eight people and is equipped with essential picnic facilities such as a round table and an umbrella. You can even bring your dog with you on board.

GoBoat Kangaroo Point

Price: From 119 AUD (~115.72 USD)
Address: 44 Ferry Street, Kangaroo Point, Queensland 4169, Australia
Opening hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m., daily
Phone: +61 1300 993 208

Book a Goboat picnic

7. Go bar-hopping on a boozy cruise

booze-cruise-brisbaneImage credit: @rivertobay

Pub hopping holds a special place in our hearts, whether it’s going from bar to bar, making new friends or exploring the nightlife of a new city. Now you can make your way through bustling Brisbane and hit all the famous bars with Water Cruises River To Bay.

Whether it’s a classic pub crawl, a boozy crawl, or just a simple sightseeing cruise, rest assured that you can find something here to have fun with your friends or even baby. You’ll also be able to skip the lines and enjoy exclusive discounts at every stop along the way.

From the river to the bay

Price: From AU$89 (~S$86.38)
Address: 285 MacArthur Avenue, Hamilton, Queensland 4006, Australia
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., daily
Phone: +61 1300 733 698

Book a River To Bay Cruise.

8. Dine at a floating seafood restaurant aboard a vintage boat

brisbane-things-to-doImage credit: @theprawnster_brisbane

Brisbane’s serene surroundings, which include Moreton Bay, Mooloolaba and Coffin Bay, mean one thing: the freshest seafood. For seafood lovers, a stay in Brisbane equals repeat visits to The shrimp – a former trawler turned famous floating seafood restaurant that attracts crowds of visitors every day.

the-trawler-brisbaneImage credit: @theprawnster_brisbane

The Prawnster is known for its massive seafood tower that includes oysters, sashimi, prawns and lobsters – all served with lime wedges. You can get takeout and buy fresh seafood from the onboard retailer. Or, grab a table, enjoy the sunset and sample some of Queensland’s best prawns on a vintage rocking boat.

The Brisbane prawn

Entrance: Free
Address: Berth B1, Dockside Marina, 44 Ferry Street, Kangaroo Point, Queensland 4169, Australia
Opening hours: 5-10 p.m., daily

To visit The shrimp

Best outdoor activities to do in Brisbane city

brisbane-things-to-doImage credit: @visitbrisbane

With over 200 days of sunshine and a host of hotspots in and around the city, Brisbane earns its title as Australia’s must-see urban destination. Whether it’s abseiling, rock climbing, bridge climbing or bar hopping, you won’t regret adding the city to your travel bucket list in 2022.

As well as these eight reasons why we love Brisbane, we’re all looking forward to the opening of Queen’s Wharf – an entertainment and lifestyle destination set to open in 2023, and of course, the highly anticipated Brisbane 2032 Summer Olympics. The two should transform the capital of the Sunshine State and put it on the map.

Those who live in Brisbane know how easy it is to fill a weekend calendar with fun activities happening right outside their door. As for us tourists, Queensland is now ready to go, so you can bookmark this list and do they are all the next time you have a well-deserved holiday in Brisbane.

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