Outdoor games, activities for families: Bicycles, board games, tents


Are you ready to have some fun this summer?

Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Parents Magazine. It’s certain ! Vaccariello visited TODAY Tuesday with some new and fun ways to cure summer boredom for good.

Here are eight items the whole family can use together over and over again at the beach, on vacation, or even in your own backyard!

1. Ride Current Scooter-Bikes, $ 210, Ridecurrent.com

Running current

As the hottest trend in summer transportation, this bike-scooter hybrid allows for smooth and windy sailing with its 20-inch wide wheels. It will definitely be a hit with older kids, teens and adults to beat the heat. And the best part? This bike is equipped to hold many additional accessories, from baskets and bells to iPod speakers and coasters.

2. Treepod, $ 325, Mytreepod.com


The Treepod is essentially a treehouse minus the boring setup. The fabric is weatherproof with a UV coating, and the company plants a tree with every purchase. Children will have a place to hang out all summer … and many more to come!

3. Great Big Outdoor Play Balls, $ 39 and up, Hearthsong.com

Home song

Nothing says “summer vacation” like playing ball, but what about being inside the ball? HearthSong’s colorful play balls stand up to 5 feet tall for kids to carry and roll around.

4. Oversized board games, $ 53 and more, Wayfair.com


Think about all the classic games from your childhood, then think a lot, a lot BIGGER. (We’re talking about the Connect Four which is almost 2 feet tall!) Wayfair has a variety of oversized board games that the whole family can participate in. And the giant tower and giant dice are actually portable, each with their own carrying bag, so taking these games from the beach to the backyard is a snap.

5. Floating LED globes, $ 79 and up, Frontgate.com

Front door

Do you believe in magic? Your kids will definitely see it when they see the pool or yard light up, full of these glowing orbs. You can set the globes with a remote control to a static or white color, or you can choose colors that change continuously. Each comes with a rechargeable battery that can hold an 8 hour charge. And don’t worry about the elements: these globes are resistant to chlorine, salt water and the sun.

6. Fun drawing art blobz, $ 25, Toysrus.com

Toys r us

Sure, you could make the trip to the nearest water park, but what about bringing it right into your own backyard? A coloring book and slip-and-slide in one, this outdoor “blob” comes with five erasable pencils. Then, once the kids have finished their art work, they can tuck the pencils away in the pencil storage pocket and slide on top of the soft, slippery drop!

7. Lovin ‘Summer Beach Tent, $ 159.99, Islandbeachgear.com


The retro style hade tent made in Australia offers 95% UV protection, the highest possible sun protection. This tent can be assembled in minutes and the poles and stakes will not rust, making it a very practical addition to your beach gear.

8. WOW towel, $ 80, Wowtowel.com


Why bring a bunch of towels to the beach when you really only need one? The WOW towel measures over 7 feet by 7 feet, so you can be sure it’s big enough for your whole family to lie on. Made from high quality terry cotton, this towel absorbs water so you can dry faster.

You can even personalize the towel! They are available in seven colors and you can add custom embroidered names.

This summer, do something new with your family and try one of these wacky and fun activities. You will not regret it !

The July issue of Parents magazine is now on newsstands.


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