Outdoor Games for Explorers – Parent Tool Kit Summer Adventure Activities


All you need for this one is a ball, of any size and shape, for each player.

The leader (for the first round, this can be you, the parent) sets passwords for each player. We’ve designed our space-themed passwords to match our nighttime summer activities, but they can be anything you, or your child, want them to be. Here are our examples…

  • ‘Go meteor!’ – throw the ball in the air and catch it.

  • ‘Go moon!’ – bounce the ball on the ground.

  • ‘Go asteroids!’ – exchange balls with another player (or the leader if there are only two).

As with Simons Says, the password only works with ‘Go…’ in front – you can try to catch players by leaving it off and seeing who is still doing the action! A player is eliminated when performing the wrong action for the password or reacting to a password without ‘Go…’.

If a player is out, they can stay active until the next game by seeing how many times they can throw their ball in the air and catch it without it hitting the ground.

Talk to your child about the actions for each code word and feel free to change them to something they feel more comfortable doing, maybe they could turn around in place with the ball in hands, or a slightly trickier action if they want to challenge themselves, like using their weakest hand!

Don’t forget to swap and let them play as the leader – it’s just as much fun!


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