Petition calls on Bradford to build an indoor skate park as the outdoor parks “are not fit for purpose”


A petition calling for an indoor skatepark in Bradford has been signed by 111 people.

The petition to Bradford council says existing skateparks are not fit for purpose and calls on the authority to provide “partial funding for the planning and construction” of an indoor facility that “would help put Bradford on the map “.

The e-petition has been underway for several months, but the deadline to sign it is the end of August.

The nearest indoor skateparks are in Halifax or Leeds.

He says: “This petition aims to show the support of the local community and to prove that there is a real need for a new and large indoor skatepark preferably in Bradford.

“Although we currently have a few smaller outdoor facilities, these were designed with no useful function, perhaps having been built to simply say that the need for a skatepark has been met.

“These parks also suffer from issues of antisocial behavior on the part of non-users of the skate park.

“In an ideal scenario, this would be built into an existing empty building in the city center, an ideal location to improve accessibility for those traveling to Bradford, which would give an additional economic advantage to our city as a whole.

“We are seeking the support of the Bradford Council to find a location and support the project by providing some of the required funding, while also raising money through fundraising events, local sponsorship and grants.

“If we are unable to find a suitable space to build an indoor facility, we will seek to build a large bespoke outdoor facility on empty land with support from Bradford Council. “

People have until September 1 to sign the petition.

For more information visit the council website.


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