Summer begins to sizzle with outdoor activities in Butte | Local


The county has been struggling to hire lifeguards for Ridge Waters, but has managed to recruit 18 so far, said Mark Fisher, who manages the water park and Highland View. They want a dozen more people trained and hired.

If they can do that, Lazzari said, they could likely increase the capacity limit to at least 300 for each of the afternoon sessions. The first from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and the second from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The $ 8.7 million water park has been very popular since its first season in 2018, but got off to a late start last year with attendance ultimately limited to 100 people for each of the two open sessions. The cap has been set at 250 per session for the start of this season.

This was based in part on the average number of customers each day during the summer of 2019, well before the pandemic hit, of 238. This number, however, takes into account days of closure or partial closure due to conditions. meteorological.

The park can accommodate up to 920 people at a time under normal circumstances. But to even consider raising the cap to 300 this summer, more lifeguards are needed to keep tabs on everyone at all times and cover all shifts, Lazzari said.

The county, like restaurants and many private businesses, has struggled to find enough workers in recent weeks as the pandemic abates. Lifeguards start at $ 10 an hour, but get a 50-cent raise each summer when they return, capped at $ 12 an hour.


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