The best Airbnbs near national parks, from Yellowstone to Joshua Tree


Oh noooo, are you scared again? Does every fleeting thought from your inbox fill you with rage? Are you struggling with a quiet sense of futility as more and more dystopian sci-fi plot devices creep into our normal daily lives? You deserve a break from *gestures vaguely* all that.

What you need, my friend, is a dose of Mother Nature. That’s right, capital-M, capital-N, Mother Nature, to remind you that you’re just a mammal, living with other mammals and non-mammals and trees and plants and insects and mushrooms and more, in wildly different landscapes, on this strange rock revolving around a nuclear explosion, hurtling through the void.

But, like, in a good way. It will make sense when you observe the Milky Way over the desert, promise.

One of the benefits of living in the future (dystopian bullshit aside) is that you don’t have to be tough to enjoy the great outdoors. AirBnb’s existence means you can stay in someone else’s cozy cabin in the woods while you detox modern life enough to get your brain back to producing happy chemicals. We picked these gems based on their proximity to the national park, their amenities, and their overall cool factor. Not everyone has Wi-Fi, but that’s a good thing, right? We’ve listed the best vacation homes in the middle of nowhere and the most psychedelic staycations in Joshua Tree; these picks are for peeps who want to use their national parks pass to the fullest.

National parks are protected land, so plan a little driving between your adventures and your return home for the holidays – a great time for your booze and s’mores. Then, sitting by a crackling fireplace or soaking in a hot tub under the stars, you’ll feel a little more upbeat. To promise.

Ogle the largest view in Texas

Imagine yourself at sunset, surrounded by mountains and a surprisingly pink sky, sipping something delicious on the porch of this mine-ruin-sperm– Effortless loft radiating peace in the evening. Spend your days en route in Big Bend National Park and your nights snuggled under the stars.


Terlingua Mining Ruin – Lofthouse, sleeps 2, $159/night

Soak up the Great Smoky View

Perched on a summit of the Great Smoky Mountains, with of them From porches with sweeping views, a cozy fireplace, and arguably the most dope placement of a hot tub available on AirBnb, this sweet mountain home has it all.


Smoky Mountain Escape, sleeps 6, $177/night

Adventure through the Canyonlands

Whether you like rock climbing, mountain biking, challenging hiking, mountain biking, or rafting, there’s an awesome sport in Moab for all your high-octane friends. And if your favorite sport is to gather all your friends in a huge but comfortable cabin at the edge of the rim, you will also be a winner.


Hideout at the Rim, sleeps 16, $807/night

Become inaccessible by Crater Lake

Go completely off the grid in this classic, no-frills cabin in the woods. Head to Crater Lake and disappear into the forest. Look for Yeti. Surrender to the mosses. No one can email you here.


Secluded getaway: cabin in the woods, for 5 people, $157/night

Winter Escape Among the Joshua Trees

While there is no lack of weird, wild, and wonderful rental homes in Joshua Treeher sunny, colorful Palm Springs cottage offers mountain views and a private pool – the perfect base from which to explore one of the continent’s weirdest and most beautiful landscapes.


Colorful oasis with a dreamy desert vibe, sleeps 2, $241/night

Prefer something a little more “hedonistic”? This mid-century getaway is your desert oasis, with vibrant retro decor, an incredible pool and hot tub, and amenities galore.


The Impropre JT, sleeps 4, $711/night

There’s no home like Yellowstone

It’s not your grandpa’s vacation cabin – this A-shaped beauty is really cute, it has a bubbling hot tub, and the whole family will rave about how comfortable it was and well located for watching the bison and explore the geysers in Yellowstone.


Island Park Hideaway, sleeps 12, $364/night

Admire the Acadian Ocean

Acadia National Park may not be as famous as some others, but these granite cliffs on the Atlantic are no less stunning than anything to the west. This rare cabana, located within the park itself, showcases them beautifully with its porch, floor-to-ceiling windows, and yoga platform, all perfectly positioned to best take in the epic view.


Exquisite Seaside Cottage on Somes Sound, sleeps 3, $364/night

If you’d rather head straight to the ocean, check out this sweet retreat on the quiet side of the island, also featuring indoor/outdoor living and floor-to-ceiling windows, but paired here with your own private beach access.


Oceanfront Acadia – The Boathouse, sleeps 2, $176/night

Go ahead! Live wonderful adventures in nature and enjoy a hot shower at the end and you’ll remember why being a human in the 21st century isn’t so bad.


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