The best outdoor games for kids of all ages


As the weather improves, parents around the world are looking for ways to entertain and occupy their children outside of the home. This is especially true for children who cannot attend summer camp or those who are either too young or unable to work this summer. So what can you do to have fun? Well you can play games of course! After all, there are plenty of classic ball, pool, and board games that are fun summer activities.

If you’re a parent looking for options, there aren’t really any rules. The game your child or children will enjoy will depend somewhat on their personality, as well as their age. But in general, you’re going to want to find games that meet a few key criteria.

What to consider when buying outdoor games:

  • They must be appropriate for the age. In other words, if you have a toddler, make sure the play you give your child isn’t too heavy, too big, or too dangerous for them.

  • Look for games that are beyond fun. Many toys are designed to do more than just entertain. Some will help perfect your child’s motor development or hand-eye coordination, while others will just help unleash your child’s creativity.

  • Don’t be afraid of the simple. Sometimes the best games are the ones that let your child use their imagination.

  • Think about how many players you need. For example, if you have a kid, be sure to choose games that can also be played on your own, unless you want to spend your entire summer as a two-player.

It’s hard to go wrong when choosing toys for kids because there are so many fun options out there, but here are a few of our favorites for all ages.


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