These outdoor games that will surely remind you of your childhood


The summer vacation of the 90s was totally different from today. Today, children spend 80% of their time on the phone. Playing outdoor games provides a safe mental and physical environment for growing children. These games help to better shape children’s personalities by keeping them in touch with nature and helping them develop important social skills. But nowadays children prefer to play on their phones. For the next 5 minutes, let’s go back to our playful childhood and talk about the good old games we were playing.

Hide and seek

Sometimes called “Luka Chupi” or “Chupan Chupai”, this is a popular game for children. The idea is that any number of players hide in a defined environment that one or more researchers must find. One player chooses to close their eyes and count the game to a set number while the other players are in hiding. The player who is “that” calls “Ready or not, I’m coming!” after reaching that number, then tries to find the players who are hidden.

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Langdi is a well-known Maharashtrian sport. The match lasts around 36 minutes with two teams with 12 players on each side. The team that wins the toss defends and the other team continues. A pursuer tries to hit members of the defending team by hopping on one foot in this match. The team that tags the most players in defense wins.

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Kho Kho

Another popular sport in India is kho kho. It is played between two teams of 12 players, of which only nine participate. It is one of the most popular traditional games in India, along with the kabaddi. It is played in a rectangular area 36 meters by 18 meters in length and width respectively. Eight limbs sit in the middle lane facing opposite directions, and the ninth limb is an aggressive hunter.

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Lagori, dikori or lagoori, also known as lingocha, commonly played in South India, is a game played in an unlimited field involving a ball and a mound of flat stones between the two teams. A team member drops a soft ball onto a pile of rocks to knock them off. Then the hunters attempt to restore the pile of stones as they are thrown at them by the opposing team. If a runner is touched by the ball, he is eliminated and his team continues without him. But by touching the opposing team member before the ball hits them, a team member can still defend themselves.

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