Unvaccinated MLB players not allowed to play in NYC parks


Jhe current mandate of the private sector New York City establishes that unvaccinated players for the Yankees and the Mets will not play at home in the 2022 season.

We see a living example with Kyrie Irving. The Brooklyn Nets player is not vaccinated and can’t even go to the locker room during games in New York.

According to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, outdoor sites like the Yankees Stadium and Citi field will not allow unvaccinated players to participate in games.

Former Mayor of New YorkBill Di Blasio required in-person workers for all New York-based businesses receive one of the CsOVID-19 vaccines to continue this work in person.

New mayor Eric Adams did not repeal the requirement imposed by its predecessor and likely will not. New York City will not apply individual exceptions.

“Mandates may change with the state of the pandemic, but said the city will not create individual exceptions,” a spokesperson for Adams said.

the unvaccinated players won’t see action in Toronto. The Blue Jays share the division with the Yankees.

someone like Judge Aaronwho never admitted that a vaccination could miss 92 matches during the 2022 season. meanwhileDishes the dishes would be missing 83 games.

When asked if he was vaccinated, the judge said: “I’m so focused on, you know, I skipped the first few games of spring training, so I think we’ll cross that bridge the next day. time comes. But right now, so much could change.

According to reports, the Mets don’t have the 85% of players vaccinated required by MLB to qualify for relaxed restrictions.

Source: Marca Shot.


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