UWS Outdoor Restaurant Boat Basin Cafe has closed permanently in New York


One of New York’s favorite seaside restaurants Boat Basin Cafe closed.

The Upper West Side institution opened in 1997, but its riverfront views have remained a big draw for city dwellers for the past two decades. It was a reliable choice for pleasant al fresco dining, built in a raised, sophisticated stone structure with dramatic arches.

During the warmer months, people would flock to its open-air location off West 79th Street on the Hudson River for affordable bar fare like fried appetizers and sandwiches. It was also a popular meeting place for informal parties.

The cafe announced the closure on its Facebook page, which has since been deleted, Gothamist Reports. It’s all due to four years building project near the city-owned site. Once completed, the city will let restaurateurs bid on the property – which would now be set aside for a fine dining restaurant. A former employee tells the blog that Boat Basin owners don’t plan to bid.

It’s been a tough week for New Yorkers. Just two days ago, the public learned that the beloved pretzel croissant shop City Bakery had closed its doors after 30 years.


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