Wearing high heels and having fun banned in parks – this is Beijing


On June 7, the Guangzhou Parks and Lawn Department issued a statement stating that visitors to downtown parks are not allowed to play football, dance, run, jump, play hacky sack or engaging in activities likely to seriously damage the vegetation of the lawn.

Basically, having fun is prohibited in Guangzhou parks.

The new guidelines also go so far as to say what clothes you can and can’t where: “All sorts of items that could damage the lawn should not be used, such as high-heeled shoes, outdoor equipment with tapered legs (such as tables and chairs) and sharp objects used to secure tents.”

We don’t know about you, but travel restrictions and frequent closures and now the fact that we can’t play football in our high heels really makes us think about what we’re doing in China.

The statement also said it is prohibited to fly kites and drones in city parks.

In addition to banning these fun activities, the new rules also state that if you want to pitch a tent in the park or plan to go with more than 10 people, you will need to register your visit in advance.

Restrictions on the number of tents allowed in the park at a time have also been put in place and they must not cover more than half of the grassy areas of the park.

Smoking is also prohibited in the open lawn and tent area.

Zhujiang Park also released a statement reiterating the new rules and outlining the steps needed to register your visit to the park.

Users should follow the park’s official WeChat account and click “Park Management (公园管理)” and then “Tent Reservation” (帐篷预约-试行).

Once you have read and accepted the terms and conditions, you can reserve a time to visit the park to pitch your tent.

So it looks like the fun police are back, and this time they want to stop you from having fun outside.

This is not the first time a ban has been imposed on drones in China. In May this year, Beijing banned drones from flying during both sessions.

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