Will outdoor games start in Delhi? HC returned this verdict


New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Thursday refused to allow outdoor sporting activities in the country’s capital amid the corona pandemic. The high court said let the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) do its job. Justice V Kameshwar said that when the DDMA was due to hold its meeting on February 4, there was no justification for proceeding with the petition.

The judge also said lifting the ban on shopping malls and movie theaters cannot be compared to the prayer requested in the present case. The court said that the petitioner wanted to gamble. Comparisons made with shopping centres, etc. should be viewed from a different angle. They are the source of employment. The petitioner wants to play tennis, you can’t see it from that angle. It ensures the subsistence and employs the people engaged.

The high court said the DDMA was looking into the matter and the direction to allow outdoor sporting activities could not be at the request of the petitioner. The court, while closing the petition, declared that the petitioner will have the right to agitate on his grievances in the future. Delhi government lawyer Satyakam argued that the decision to allow outdoor sporting activities should be left to the DDMA, which is due to be completed on February 4.

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